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This wallet phone case is really awesome! It fits my brand new iPhone 15 Plus perfectly, and let me tell you, it holds onto my phone like nobody’s business. I can yank and tug, but it won’t let go, no matter what. Plus, the color goes so well with the pink of my iPhone, it’s a match made in heaven.

You know what’s cool? This case comes with a wrist strap, so I don’t have to worry about dropping my phone accidentally. It gives me that extra peace of mind. And let me tell you, that magnetic closure is no joke. It’s strong enough to keep my wallet closed, no matter how much I hustle and bustle.


This USB-C video cable has been absolutely great for me.
I opted for a 3-meter length, which comes in handy during my navigation training sessions as it allows me to position my additional monitor further away.

It’s not just for video, though. This cable can also handle charging, supporting power delivery of up to 100W, perfect for my MacBook.
Considering the price, it’s reasonably fair. It doesn’t break the bank.


These earbuds are awesome! They come with four extra pairs of silicone fittings in different sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your ears. Connecting them to my OnePlus mobile was a breeze, once I removed the stickers. And here’s the best part: you only have to pair them once. After that, every time you take the buds out of the case, they automatically connect to your phone. It’s so convenient!


I got one of these for my wife, and we loved it so much that I ended up buying another one for my vehicle. However, just like my first girlfriend, it didn’t last. At first, it charged super fast, but after a few months, it started losing its power, just like my first girlfriend.

I reached out and submitted a warranty claim, and to my surprise, they quickly resolved the issue. They took care of it promptly and made things right.


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